Over 25 years go, Doye Sherrill founded the largest scuba diving park on the east coast; today this park is named the Fantasy Lake Scuba Park. Recently referred to in a News & Observer article as “a scuba diving mecca,” the lake is ideal for building scuba diving experience and advancing certification. Dive groups, rescue training, law enforcement, and the military use the scuba park for open water and advanced training.

In the midst of a 100-acre fenced in park, is a 50-acre, crystal clear, lake dedicated solely scuba diving. Fantasy Lake Scuba Park is an excellent facility for building up dive experience and logging dives for extra training. Reaching up to 80-feet deep, the lake has been developed solely with scuba divers in mind. Some of the scuba diving amenities include the following:

  • Three training and meeting shelters
  • Changing facilities
  • Outside showers
  • Picnic tables
  • 10 underwater training platforms
  • Wall diving
  • Primitive campsites
  • Hiking trails
  • Rock clusters
  • Convenient parking
  • Boat simulator on top of water

Although they only allow primitive camping at their Raleigh, North Carolina location, your RV rental can be kept in the parking lot, making this a great place to stop for a rustic weekend on any cross-country RV trip. There are 14 small camp sights, three large group camp sights, and two large campgrounds. All campgrounds are located within easy access to Lake diving. Fantasy Lake Scuba Park provides picnic tables and firewood for your convenience.

A certified diving instructor or certified diving parent must accompany divers under the age of 18 at all times. To be considered a certified diver at Fantasy Lake Scuba Park your certification must come from a nationally recognized agency. Because the park was created with scuba divers in mind there is no fishing or hunting allowed anywhere on the premises. The Park is open for Scuba Diving every day of the year from 9:00 am until dusk during the weekday, and 8:00 am until dusk on the weekend unless otherwise posted. Special hours or diving arrangements may be made.

Visiting Fantasy Lake Scuba Park is a one of a kind experience your whole family will enjoy. If you are traveling across the state or country in an RV rental from Browns Recreational Rentals, we definitely recommend that you spend the weekend there. Even though RV rentals can’t be used for camping, they can be left in the parking lot. Contact us today at 910-723-2730 to reserve an RV rental for your next NC trip.